We realized that many user are having problems to register a vessel movement. Please find here a guide to do it.



MSCHOA has conducted a review of the information that we provide to Mariners/Voyage Operations/CSO’s. This review was designed at identifying how EU NAVFOR can improve its information sharing to Mariners/Operators of vessels, through MSCHOA’s website. We have taken into account, the need to provide clear advice and easy access to information both for vessel registrations and for threat information through the Industry Releasable Threat Assessments (IRTA’s) and Bulletins (IRTB’s).


The website has a new content structure, which is easier to follow. “new” pages on MSCHOA’s analysis of BMP data have been introduced. This will allow CSO’s to see trends on PAST usage, routing and BMP Compliance in different parts of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. We have also added a “maritime domain awareness (MDA)” page which illustrates live examples of piracy attacks to merchant  vessels in the last 12 months. The page provides lessons on the importance of timely reporting to UKMTO and MSCHOA and how swift responses by the military can lead to arrest, prosecution and conviction of pirates. There is an “MSCHOA’s Activities” page which documents where MSCHOA have been engaging through presentations and meetings with Shipping Industry and government forums.


The website will go live on the 29th August 2018.  Those companies registered for the “secure area” of the website, will be prompted with a message to change their password.